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Maintaining profit

Date Posted: 06 November 2015


Automatic rollover car washes and jet washes are not only excellent sources of revenue for forecourts in their own right, they are also a draw to the site, attracting customers for the shop and other services, says leading UK vehicle wash specialist Wilcomatic, but only if they are working as they should.

To help forecourt owners keep their wash machines operating at peak performance, maintain their income stream and ensure their customers come back and back, Wilcomatic offers a range of service for its own and third party  wash equipment throughout the country.

The services include full maintenance contracts, repairs, bay cleaning and a chemical top-up service.

Says Ray McMullan, Wilcomatic’s general manager service operations: “Engineer visits to customer sites are always about more than just doing the job on the ticket. They are also about promoting partnership with the forecourt staff and heading off future trouble.

“Our people are trained to look around the bays and equipment, deal with any problems they can handle on the spot and flag up other things that need attention.

“They also work with forecourt staff to help them understand the importance of the daily checks. We have had cases as simple as a piece of aluminium foil masking a sensor, that should have been picked up on the daily checks, which put the machines off-line.”

The company is constantly improving its maintenance offer through innovations such as the use of a dedicated team to manage repairs and maintenance of the smaller forecourt equipment such as air/water towers and vacuums, which frees up engineers to concentrate on car washes. This both decreases response times and improves the quality of the small equipment repairs.

Increased use of technology is also driving improvements in maintenance. All engineers now carry a computer tablet, which gives greater access to technical information, improves scheduling and reduces paperwork.

Wilcomatic recommends a full maintenance visit four times a year, as lots of things can get damaged or wear in a busy valeting area in three months.

The company also emphasises the presentational side of its services.

Says Ray McMullan: “Car owners don’t want to use a dirty car wash, with bay walls covered in algae. They like clean presentation, with clear signage and attractive POS material.

“It’s in our interest to ensure our customers make the most from their equipment. That way they will stay our customers.”

All work is carried out to the standards of ISO 9001 continual improvement, ISO 14001 health and safety and the environmental ISO 18001.