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A wash that gives the professional touch

Date Posted: 17 July 2016

To achieve this in the most efficient and economical way possible, many operators are recognising that automatic vehicle wash machines are the way forward. These range from drive-through high-pressure water and chemical arches to fully automatic rollover machines with bespoke programmes.

While these have a higher capital cost than hand washing, in most cases this is outweighed by savings on the wage bill, speed of processing and the look of the vehicle.

One of the things we hear most is: “We would love an automatic machine but it wouldn’t suit our way of working,” or, “we don’t have enough room in the yard.” Through flexible installation and bespoke programming, we have managed to match our equipment to every situation.

To get large numbers of vehicles through the washing process in the shortest possible time, we can program our equipment to complete a whole cycle in less than 2½ minutes.

To address H&S concerns and restricted space in the yard at DJ Coaches in Gravesend, we recessed the tracks into ground to reduce trip hazards and help vehicles manoeuvre without having to turn across raised rails.

At Transport for London’s Battersea depot, the wash bays were too short to accommodate a rollover wash, so we installed a hybrid drive-through and a rollover. The bus drives into the bay as for a normal rollover and the gantry and brushes begin their passage along the bus. When they reach a certain point a light turns from red to green, which tells the driver to go forward slowly until the light turns red again. The brushes then clean the rear.