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Tesco and Wilcomatic’s new partnership

Date Posted: 18 July 2016

Under the arrangement, Wilcomatic will fund and install 85 new machines on a rolling programme of two new machines per week.

Says Wilcomatic managing director Kevin Pay: “This partnership is a great step forward for Wilcomatic and, for the first time, takes us from being simply a supplier to being an operator. Results from 10 test sites have already proved a great success for both companies.

Peter Cattell, category director for petrol, says: “For Tesco, the partnership of the UK’s number one retailer with the UK’s leading car wash supplier is another step toward improving the service we offer our customers. We are very excited about the benefits that this new partnership will bring, and we are already seeing more customers using our car washes. Knowing that Wilcomatic have an active interest in monitoring and maintaining our car wash estate is a great comfort to us.”

Monitoring of the sites, repairs and maintenance will all be carried out by Wilcomatic.

All the new installations will be Christ C163 Varius, equipped with high pressure and polish. Wilcomatic has opted to install a wider-than-standard machine, capable of washing vehicles up to 2.7m wide, to more easily accommodate vans and wide-bodied 4x4s and reduce the chances of vehicles colliding with the equipment.

Sensomix, a new material that is a mixture of polymer foam and textile filaments, has been selected for the machines, as this provides the best balance of wash quality and durability.