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Four new industrial wheel cleaning designs from Wilcomatic

Date Posted: 09 January 2016

The line-up is led by the Wickham Gensol 4m Tornado, a surface mounted, self-contained, high pressure wash system designed to focus its spray onto wheel treads and the underneath of vehicles to remove dirt and debris.

The 4m-long wash platform ensures one complete wheel rotation of a standard HGV wheel. The waste water is collected in the wash platform and recycled in the settlement tank to the side.

It is designed to be used by up to 100 HGVs per day and take up to the road legal weight of 44 tonnes and vehicles with a wheel base up to 3m in width and an overall vehicle width of 3.3m.

The 6m Cyclone is very similar to the Tornado system, but its longer wash platform enables an additional wheel revolution for dirtier and heavily contaminated vehicles. The settlement system is twice the size and is recommended for busier sites expecting around 200 vehicles per day.

The Rumble Road system is as simple as it looks and sounds, with the angled steel throughout creating a rumble as the vehicle passes over the system. This is ideal for sites with dryer or rockier ground and helps remove brick and stone that would otherwise flick out of the vehicles wheels onto the road. It does not require power.

This system comes in lengths of 16m for ridged vehicles and 22m for articulated trucks.

The final new system is Bath, which offers the best of both worlds and also requires no power. It combines the same Rumble Road design with a 10m long bath of water. The rumble flexes the tyre treads to loosen the compacted dirt and mud while creating agitation within the water which aids in the removal of the remaining mud.