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Wilcomatic helps LPW keep lorries shining

Date Posted: 16 April 2017

LPW has seven sites throughout the UK, where truck owners can go to wash their vehicles, plus more than 100 mobile vans with personnel to clean vehicles on customers’ own sites. The company also looks after company wash sites for a number of customers, owns three distribution centres from where it sells truck washing products and from pressure washers to screenwash.

Wilcomatic has recently installed six specially adapted Christ Taurus truck-wash machines, with bespoke programs, two at LPW’s Purfleet site, two at Avonmouth, one at Castleford and another specialised system at Coneygarth services. Further installations are planned for other sites in the near future.

Says Jack Moon, LPW Truckwash national operations manager: “We went to Wilcomatic because it had the best equipment and we wanted to further improve the standards we offer our customers.

“We took over a site in Felixstowe which already had a Wilcomatic machine and we saw how well it worked, so when it came to renewing machines on our other sites, we decided to upgrade to Wilcomatic machines with greater capabilities.

“We need to offer the best possible service. Lorry drivers are very proud of their vehicles; they spend more time in their cabs than in their homes sometimes. The companies also need to have their mobile billboards kept clean to impress customers.”

Wilcomatic adapted both its machines and their programmes to the topography of the sites and the way LPW operates. For example, when a trunker is washed, the back is cleaned by the top brush, which comes down, but when an open-topped vehicle is cleaned with a ‘sides only’ program, the top brush is not used. Wilcomatic changed the program so that the two side brushes would cross-over at the rear to complete the job.

LPW wanted a pause button to stop the arch returning to the front of the vehicle at the end of each wash, to eliminate the potential for damage to the equipment of trucks turning too early when they leave the bay. Instead, Wilcomatic connected a photocell to the arch’s drive motor. As the arch moves back to its start position, if it detects the vehicle still in the bay, it stops. As the lorry moves forward, the arch will move again, but will never overtake the lorry.

LPW is now working on some further sites, which will also have Wilcomatic machines installed, including a water recycling system from Wilcomatic’s sister company Working Water.

Says Joe Burton, LPW’s marketing manager: “The Coneygarth site has no foul drainage whatsoever, so we will be relying on the Working Water system to recycle 95% of all the water used. The other 5% is lost on the trucks themselves as they leave.

“We are delighted with the machines and the service we have had from Wilcomatic. Its experts have done everything we have asked of them and are helping to provide our clients with continued excellent service.”