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The sales power of a satisfied customer

Date Posted: 09 October 2016

The company, which has 80 bus depots across England, has ordered three Christ Magnum C5000 for its depots in Salisbury, Poole and Eastleigh.

The enquiry came after an executive from Go-Ahead had a conversation with someone from Lothian buses, who was singing the praises of its Wilcomatic installed Christ equipment. Go-Ahead contacted Christ directly, which directed the enquiry to Wilcomatic.

The three machines are configured in the same way as those developed for the Abellio depot in Battersea, London. A bespoke program enables the installation to take advantage of the rollover machines ability to wash the front and rear of the vehicle and combine it with the space saving characteristics of a drive through.

The bus drives into the bay as if it were a normal rollover and begins its cleaning journey along the bus. As the gantry goes behind the driving position, the driver can see a red indicator light on the machine, which turns to flashing green when it reaches a certain point part way along the bus. This tells the driver to drive forward slowly until the light turns to steady red again, when he stops to let the brushes do their work on the rear.

In addition, Go-Ahead asked for high pressure wheel washers and reverse osmosis to be added. As well as the installation itself, the Wilcomatic team needed to remove two four-brush machines and tackle a variety of civil works.