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The foam customer magnet

Date Posted: 09 September 2016

The system is designed to avoid longer wash times as its thick foam can cover the vehicle without its spray tube having to track its contours. Unlike other foam curtains, it can also operate outside, as the Foam Splash is unaffected by wind.

Thanks to the width of the spray tube large vehicles, such as 4x4/SUVs, can be fully covered from above, while chemical consumption is kept low.

Foam Splash is produced with a very narrow spray distance, thus it creates a highly visible foam curtain which actively catches the eye of wash customers.

Says Wilcomatic Wash Systems managing director Kevin Pay: “Car washes on forecourts have always been their own marketing tools; the more spectacular they look, the more customers they attract and the Foam Splash is a customer magnet.”

The system is one four new innovations launched by Christ and Wilcomatic this year and is available for all roll-over wash units from the classic, premium and premium+ product line.