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Wilcomatic brushes up Boris Bus

Date Posted: 22 July 2016

Wilcomatic found an answer to the problem with a newly installed Christ Magnum C5000 that uses a program that takes advantage of the rollover machines ability to wash the front and contoured back with a drive-through’s space saving characteristics.

The bus drives into the bay as if it were a normal rollover and begins its cleaning journey along the bus. As the gantry goes behind the driving position, the driver can see a red indicator light on the machine, which turns to flashing green when it reaches a certain point part way along the bus. This tells the driver to drive forward slowly until the light turns to steady red again, when he stops to let the brushes do their work on the rear.

This washes the whole bus in under two minutes and within the 11m bay restriction. In addition, the C5000’s mirror avoiding technology protects the mirrors, and its third brush tackles the roof.

Says Wilcomatic business development manager Richard Morrison: “The two existing drive-throughs have no roof brush, which is a big problem in a city with so many pigeons. If you don’t keep the roof clean, when it rains the rest of the bus gets filthy again.”