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Wilcomatic installs multiple dosing systems for Sainsbury’s car washes

Date Posted: 20 February 2017

All new installations will also have the biocide dosing as standard and, last year, similar systems were fitted to all of the retailer’s fresh water systems. The equipment uses a chemical pump on a timer to control legionella and other pathogens.

Says a spokesman for the retailer: “As part of Sainsbury’s values, we always aim to be at the forefront of environmental initiatives.

“We also take our customers, colleagues and contractors safety seriously. The biocide dosing programme we recently completed in partnership with Wilcomatic is one demonstration of that. We are looking to ensure the water quality at our car washes and jet washes is as good as it can be.

“We have a longstanding, trusted partnership with Wilcomatic and this is one of many successful projects we have worked on together. The programme was delivered to the timescales agreed and managed professionally for us by Wilcomatic.”