About Us

About us.

As well as administration, our head office in Croydon also houses our main stores and customer service centre.

 Of our 134 employees, 74 are engineering staff based throughout the UK, so there is always at least one within easy reach of any installation.

The company has supply agreements with German wash system manufacturer Otto Christ and Turtle Wax chemicals.

We are the first UK wash company to have achieved ISO 14001 environmental accreditation in our own right and we have a strong focus on sustainable water use through water reclamation and rain water harvesting.

In 2008, we launched Pure, the most environmentally friendly car wash chemical available, meeting Nordic White Swan accreditation. We have since introduced a range of super environmental chemicals from Turtle Wax. Working with our suppliers and sister companies we are constantly reducing water, electricity and chemical consumption through innovative design.

We also have a strong in-house emphasis on recycling through the use of specialist companies for waste disposal, equipment and spare parts refurbishment and paper/cardboard recycling.