We offer a very flexible top-up system for chemicals, which can be used across our entire range.

In addition to supplying Turtle Wax products, Wilcomatic has launched its own brand of wash chemicals, produced at its manufacturing facility in Croydon, ensuring all elements of vehicle washing, from machine to chemicals, work perfectly together. The range is one of the most advanced available, meeting environmental, financial and performance criteria. All products are EDTA, NTA and phosphate free.

The range comprised detergents, tri-foams, insect remover, wheel cleaner, scented polishes, waxed, jet-wash chemicals and drying agents, available in a range of sizes  and options for top up and delivery.

Under this arrangement, clients do not have to buy and store large quantities of cleaning chemicals and then refill systems when needed. Instead, we monitor client chemical usage and send in our specially trained engineers before the chemical reservoirs need refilling. Our clients only pay for the chemicals used to top-up the system, and at the same time, your car wash has an inspection and clean up.