COMBI CLEAN - Car Mat Wash / Vacuum

COMBI CLEAN - Car Mat Wash / Vacuum COMBI CLEAN UNIT, more improving service, combines mat wash and vacuum service in one unit. The washing system with rotating brush and water cleans car mats effeciently. Mat wash system is available non-frost proofed or frost proofed with thermostat-controlled heating and insulated cabinet. Vacuum with a super strong powerful three-phase or single phase turbine motor. Hose arm / spring for convenient hose handling is available. Optional can unit also be equipped with additional service functions such as drying system for mat wash, air blowing kit for car interior cleaning or car freshener system. Choose between token, coin or push button operation. Optional / additional services, - ” Wash’n’ Dry ” inbuilt drying system for car mats after washing. - Air blowing kit - Car freshener Wash / dry rubber and textile/velour mats. For best quality COMBI CLEAN UNIT comes in stainless steel.