The specialist for haulage, industrial and disposal companies
The model “TAURUS“ was specially developed for haulage, industrial and disposal companies as well as commercial wash operations. All demands and requirements are fulfilled by means of the wide selection of accessory equipment obtainable in logically constructed machine components. The most time-tested drive units made by Christ are a central point of this exclusively designed wash system.

Legal Pointer:

Graphical material may contain equipment only available at a surcharge. We reserve the right to make changes to construction and design.

Double beared side rollers
The maintenance-free double beared side brush suspension ensures that even difficult vehicle contours such as silo or tanker trucks are washed gently and effectively. A stable and uniform pressure over the entire surface allows a clean washing result.

Optimal applied brush pressure

The electronically (SPS) controls the brush pressure. Thus a contour following gentle car wash is ensured. Therefore even the most difficult vehicle contours are gently and effectively washed.

Frequency controlled drive gears

Frequency controlled drive gear motors guarantee gentle-jolt free function, whereby the gears and the guidance tracks are protected. Shortest washing times can be achieved with speeds between 6-18 m/min.

Special wash programmes

Truck Front Mirror: The additional Truck Front Mirror programme automatically folds back the mirror – there is no need to do this manually.
Special programmes such as the loading ramp protection and space wash for trailer vehicles are also included in the standard model and offer maximum safety when selecting the washing programme.
Washing programmes for special vehicles can be individually customized to suit your particular needs.

Accessory equipment

Through an extensive range of accessory equipment such as chemical pre-wash arches, high pressure and under-chassis systems, all your washing needs can be individually suited to you

From the practice to the practice

Durability and low maintenance standard versions are the main features of our commercial vehicle wash TAURUS. The rigid portal design in conjunction with tracks made of rolled steel solid material guarantee maximum smoothness and cleaning quality.

Special cable conveyor device

Our special cable conveyor device is made of aluminium and comes with stable cable trolleys for execution. The supply lines for electricity and water are easily integrated into the device.
Hall girders of up to 6 metres span length can thus easily be bridged.

Double-covered water splashing protected switchboard

Our switchboard system is double-encapsulated and waterproof (IP65) and integrated into the portal cross bar. By frontal access doors, direct access to the controls even in narrow washing bays is possible – and thus the technical controls are optimally protected.

Even more efficiency achieved with optimal high pressure wash (up to 80 bar).

Optionally available is our special high-pressure JETSTREAM, which is equipped with oscillating high-pressure solid stream nozzles. This high-pressure device is available as a stationary and integrated design.
The stationary version is used mainly in commercial wash businesses. Thus the vehicles are cleaned already at the entrance to the washing hall. The entrance time is effectively used and reduces the manual pre-washing to a minimum.
The integrated version of the wash unit JETSTREAM can be used anywhere where less manpower is available, or the vehicle contour requires more attention.