Direct Drive For Brushes

Direct drive for brushes

Direct drive for brushes

Only Christ offers the direct drive for roof and side brushes. This revolutionary system does not need a gearbox and reduces the electrical consumption of the motors by approx. 10%. The frequency of the rotations are controlled electronically and can be adjusted via software. In this way, Christ washing systems with direct drive are today already ready for future wash materials. Other advantages are the fast and wear free direction change of the brush rotation and the 300 RPM slingshot program that frees the brush of any water drops before the drying process starts.


  • Low energy consumption and higher energy efficiency
  • Variable brush rotation frequency
  • Front + side wash 100 RPM
  • Slingshot program roof brush 300 RPM
  • Slow anti drip program of the roof brush with 10 RPM
  • Increased wash performance
  • Very smooth and silent wash
  • No dripping from roof brush
  • Very fast direction change of the brush rotation
  • The system can be converted to various washing materials without hardware conversion. (For example SENSOFIL to SENSOTEX).