For the industrial, public transport and omnibus companies, sparkling clean vehicles have become indispensable as an effective means of advertising.  Not to mention that the time-saving, automatic vehicle washing retains the value of the vehicle. In order to respond to the specific needs of your fleet we have designed our commercial vehicle washing system MAGNUM. This is a system which can be configured to meet each fleet and your individual requirements.

Our Magnum model meets all the requirements of bus and public transport companies as well as for washing vans and RVs. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories for this model all requirements can be fulfilled. The logically assembled machine configurations and the worldwide proven drive gears made by Christ are a central component of this machine concept.

Legal pointer: Graphical material may contain equipment only available at a surcharge. We reserve the right to make changes to construction and design.

Bus-mirror wash programme with centre cross-over system
At the front, the side brushes wash between protruding bus mirrors and reroute them when switching to the side wash (mirror damage thus avoided).  The side mirrors do not have to be suspended or folded in. Washing area at the front is completely covered between the mirrors. Complete centre cross-over wash front and back. Side mirrors are cleverly avoided through active power measurement. Best washing results thanks to cardanically beared side brushes Even complicated vehicle contours prove no problem for the precise side brush guiding system.  And even side mirrors, as in the case of coaches, present no problem, thanks to the cardanically beared side brushes.

Robust steel portal
The self-propelled, fully automatic truck and bus wash unit MAGNUM is designed for maximum longevity due to its robust, completely galvanized steel portal.

Optimum applied brush pressure
Electronic wash cylinder control (MPC) accomplishes a contour-following, gentle and effective vehicle wash.

Modular construction system
Modular construction enables the MAGNUM to be combined with smart accessory equipment to implement customer required machine applications. The standard model, which is equipped with 3 washing brushes for commercial vehicle washing systems, can, on request, be equipped with a 2-brush version (without roofbrush).

Low-floor chassis moving gear for full vehicle coverage
All truck and bus wash units in the MAGNUM model series are equipped with our low-floor moving gear.  This means that even lowerable low-floor buses can be completely washed by the side cylinders.  The distance between the lower edge of the rotating side cylinders and the floor upper edge is only 175 mm.

Alcove programme
The alcove programme is a smart component of the MAGNUM wash unit’s programme package, specially designed for campers and caravans. The alcove is washed gently in combination with SENSOFIL+.

Manual pre-wash for exterior cleaning of campers and caravans (optional)

A manual pre-wash device for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces on campers and caravans perfectly complements the machine’s configuration.  Commercial camper and caravan wash unit professionals round off their offer by manually pre-handling so-called ‘rain shadows’ that build up over time on parked campers and caravans.

Faster cleaning result by two portals (TANDEM bus wash)

Two MAGNUM units placed one after the other form the wash unit TANDEM, which is particularly suitable for companies with large washing volumes.  The construction enables a twice as fast washing process.