The perfect complement for the wash unit for washing vehicles with special shapes such as silo trains, etc. The high-pressure arch JETSTREAM is especially efficient in pre- cleaning dirt vehicles, e.g. dump and/or waste trucks.

Four automatic electromotive oscillating high-pressure jet devices are mounted on each side of the wash unit. The jet devices are mounted with counter-oscillating high-pressure jets, which perfectly wash the front and rear areas of the vehicle. Time usually spent on manual pre-cleaning through the pre-wash personnel is considerably reduced through the JETSTREAM.

Pre-cleaning function
The JETSTREAM can be equally used for pre-cleaning all other types of trucks. Due to the outstanding wash efficiency and the visual allure of the wash sequence, the attraction of the commercial wash operation increases in comparison to the competition. The high-pressure pre-wash with the JETSTREAM can be specially advertised and sold as an additional wash programme in order to increase wash numbers and the average wash price.

Up to 80 bar working pressure available
The JETSTREAM can be operated selectively with a centrifugal pump (approx. 20 bar working pressure) or as a high-performance device with two piston membrane pumps (See picture right: approx. 80 bar working pressure)


  • High-pressure system, free standing
  • JETSTREAM up to 80 bar
  • Portal frame – made of steel
  • 5 Modules on each side
  • 3 Modules can be separately controlled for chassis wash