Pre-spray systems

Foam spray device, aluminum premium arch, LED illumination, including program indication
Eye-catching entrance portal made from powder-coated aluminum with vehicle and height identification system. Front side covered with translucent, labeled plastic plates. Illuminated system: 1 Lamp compartment in lateral beam, 1 lamp compartment in left and right side beam, up to 6 additional illuminated LED-program indications in left side beam. A program ticker can be purchased optionally. Alternative arch versions: a) Without program indication (left side piece also with drive-in pointers) b) Without foam fan spray jets and foam reactor /as pre-spray arch with flat spray jets) 

Foam flat spray jets from Christ
For special visual optics on the foam arch.  The foam carpet is applied evenly and well targeted. Cost-efficient: Reduced chemical and water consumption.

Premium hybrid foam with fresh alpine scent. Perfect for wash units with Protect Shine. TWIN FOAM can also be used as shampoo.

Program ticker
For displaying advertising and promotions. With PC software for free text programming.

Pre-spray device, aluminum premium arch, not illuminate
Frontside covered with labelled plastic plate coverings. No lighting system. Alternative arch model: With foam flat spray jets and foam reactor (instead of flat spray jets)

Rim spray device free-standing
Rim cleaner is sprayed onto the rims in order to losen the dirt. The device is light barrier controlled.

RIM REX. Acidic rim cleaner
Ideal for the rim spray device

Chemcial spray device front/rear
This special device is irreplaceable in express wash tunnel concepts.  The spray device consists of two spray pipes and is delivered with 2 dosing pumps (for various pre-cleaning chemicals). The first spray pipe sprays against the lower front area (insect area) and the second spray pipe against the lower rear area (around exhaust pipe grime).

 Basic premium pre-cleaner. Top performance through a fast and effective formula.