Low price and reliability side by side

Basic & Economical
A real 'Christ' – but a bargain. Even with our entry level unit LEANUS Christ does not make any compromises in build quality or parts. All components are manufactured in Europe, the machines are assembled in Christ factories like all other machines. You won’t find any low grade components and no cost cutting on the expense of quality. Our LEANUS is a high quality machine, but reduced to the essentials.

Each LEANUS is handcrafted by Christ employees in accordance with our usual quality standards, the low price is reached by high standardization and the use of proven technology. You won’t find any cutting edge technology, but this is also a plus for areas where the next service technician is not just around the corner. The basic model already includes connections for recycled and fresh water and an LED positioning system. The supply pump and high pressure pump can be integrated in the machine, making it possible to forego any plant room and speeding up the installation. The LEANUS is for clients that need a solid machine for a competitive price.

Memory Control System
During the brush wash the vehicles contour is measured and saved by the machine. The contour following dryer mirrors exactly the way of the roof brush, safely circumventing any obstacles. Should the car have moved after the brush wash, a light barrier triggers an emergency stop and prevents any damages to the car.

Simple and effective
As our entry level machine, the LEANUS is especially easy to install and maintain, even in remote areas. With the integrated supply and high pressure pumps no complicated laying of pipes is necessary and the installation can be finished quickly.

Attractive Design
Being an entry level machine is no excuse for an unpleasant exterior: Our LEANUS comes with an attractive plastic cladding and brushes in blue and orange. The free choice from the Christ color selection is available as an upgrade