Various grades of recycled water for the different washing processes

A range of total water recycling systems which provide various grades of recycled water for the different washing processes. These systems can even be used as closed loop systems where no foul drainage is available and can recycle up to 95% of the water used. Systems are available for bus wash, truck wash, lorry wash, commercial and car wash machines.

Standard systems include:

- Compact tank mounted pump design

- Polyethylene tank fabrication

- Interceptor conversion kit

- Reycled and mains water storage tanks

- Sump pump

- Hydro-cyclone filtration

- Type 'A' air gap

- Aeration diffusers

- Activated carbon filter vessel

- Automatic filter backwash valves

- Biocide dosing system with bund

- Automated control system

Optional extras:

- Rainwater harvesting

- Sand filters

- Interceptor tanks

- Monitoring and alarm systems

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