Wide and high

Classic and Flexible
Our Centus is a high performance system with various features and options and many different designs. You will get the right machine for your location for a fair price. This machine was developed for the special requirements of car dealers, repair shops and gas stations. Equipped with a distinct air flow system the Centus convinces with superior drying results of the DIVO roof dryer. Available as options are two additional side dryers. A contouring, 2m wide roof drying nozzle will dry roof and sides of all types of vehicles, the clear positioning system makes it easy to drive in and out of the machine. Main target group are larger car dealers, repair shops, fleet management services and small petrol stations.

LED Systems
The LED positioning system gives the driver exact and clear feedback about the correct position of the vehicle in the machine. In addition to the positioning system we also recommend the LED program pictograms that will give your clients feedback about the current progress of the wash program and the features that have been chosen.

Wheel Wash
Clean tires and rims have become a must for a modern car wash. Christ offers a wide range of brush, HP+brush and touchless wheel washers and different types of chemical application for a perfect result.

Roof dryer with air flow control
Equipped with two powerful drying fans, the roof dryer follows the contour of the vehicle and will give you an excellent drying result. With the optional air flow flap the system is even able to adjust the air flow +/- 30° and can give good results for transporters, station wagons and hatchbacks.