True Touchless - Don‘t compromise!

Premium and Powerful
The development of the Aquatus had one principle: Don’tcompromise! Also a brushless machine should still deliver the same results as any other Christ machine: A great wash. The combined chemical applicator and high pressure bar does make this possible. It keeps an even distance to the car so that the chemicals can reach all parts of the vehicle in the same concentration. The combination of different chemicals will soften up even persistent dirt and the contouring high pressure system will clean it off easily. Following the Christ philosophy there is no great car wash without a great drying system. Also when it comes to drying, the Aquatus does play in the same league as all other Christ machines. A contouring roof dryer, side dryers and a total drying power of 14 kW will leave no water, only satisfied
clients. This machine targets countries with a high share of touchless machines but also any operator that is looking for a competitive edge.

Multi-stage Chemical Application
In several stages different chemicals are applied to the vehicle to soften up any crusted dirt. With our contouring application system the chemicals will be evenly applied to all areas of the car. Two chemicals are included in the basic version, a third is available as an upgrade.

Contouring High Pressure
A unique high pressure system follows the contour of the car and keeps the water pressure on each point of the car even. This means a superior wash result at comparatively low water consumption rates. This feature is included in the basic machine.

Oscillating Side High Pressure
The oscillating side high pressure effectively cleans the sides and sill areas of the vehicle. With 8 powerful jets and 80 L /min is this system similar to the Vitesse High Pressure Option, but is already included in the basic model.

Contouring Roof Dryer
In operation for over 15 years and optimized each year: Out contouring and 140° rotating roof dryer can follow contours of SUVs, sports cars and anything in-between. Two drying fans with 3 kW each will effectively clear all vehicles of remaining water.