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Petrol forecourts

We supply the most advanced valeting equipment to the UK’s largest supermarket groups.

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Cutting-edge car wash technology

German engineered

We’re the UK’s exclusive supplier of Christ wash systems. Designed and manufactured in Germany, our systems are at the cutting edge of car wash technology.

Christ were voted amongst the top 100 innovators in Germany in 2018


Better, faster, cheaper

Our car wash systems consistently outperform those from other manufacturers. They clean better, they’re quicker and use resources more efficiently.

Contactless and app payments

Your customers can forget searching around for change — our machines offer contactless card or app payments.

A myriad of different machines

We won’t bore you with the sheer number of different car wash models that we supply but we will guarantee with have a specification that will work for you.

Scratch free, guaranteed

Some people worry that automated wash systems cause damage. Your vehicles are safe with us. Many of the worlds premier motor manufacturers use Christ Wash Systems, so when a car comes out of the production line, it is cleaned by one of our Christ systems, damage free.

Remote diagnostics

We use sophisticated cameras and sensors to detect issues before they become a problem. We  identify faults, record wash counts, log service calls, generate performance reports and test various functions remotely and in real time through either ADSL or a 4G connection.


Extensive product range

  • 3 brush, 5 brush, touchless combination and Tact rollover systems
  • Conveyor wash
  • Turbo drying systems
  • Foam splash
  • LED light displays
  • Wheel master

Innovations to add value, create customer experience and drive revenue


Proven at scale

Don’t just take our word for it — some of the biggest companies in the UK chose Wilcomatic to supply their car wash systems. Thousands of cars are washed each year via supermarket forecourts, car retailers and manufacturers across the country. We don’t only work with the likes of Sainsburys and BMW though — plenty of independent businesses chose us too.


Revenue share

If you don’t want to buy your wash system, we offer a range of flexible options that mean that you needn’t pay anything up-front (unless you want to). We’ll install and maintain a state-of-the-art wash system for absolutely nothing. We just take a portion of the payments collected (so it’s in our interest to ensure everything runs exceptionally!).


Extensive support network

We have a huge network of over 65 highly trained engineers all across the country. We minimise the use of subcontractors, favouring our team of highly qualified wash experts.

Our UK-based service desk is open 364 days a year, 8:00–18:00, seven days a week.


Environmentally conscious

We have decades of experience in getting the most out of water. Our innovative Working Water systems don’t just save money; they’re better for the environment too. We offer reclamation, recycling and rainwater harvesting as part of a new system or to be retrofitted to an existing installation.

Our environmentally friendly chemicals are an integral part of our ISO 14001 accreditation.



One-stop shop

Aside from petrol, we’ve got the rest of your forecourt covered:

  • Air, water screen wash units
  • Jet wash, wash parks
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Bay cleaning and chemical top up

Chemicals and brushes

Watching stock levels of consumables such as wash chemicals and brushes can be a pain when demand fluctuates. Leave it with us. We’ll deliver everything you need to keep your car washes running all day every day.

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Decades of experience

Wilcomatic is a long-established British company. We’ve been supplying vehicle wash systems for more than five decades. We have nearly 120 highly trained staff who are experts in all things wash related.

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Read our full guide on what to look for in a car wash system.

A million happy customers each day

Find out how we work with Tesco to deliver next level wash technology and service support.

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