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Precision water testing for the automotive industry

One of Wilcomatic’s most exciting current projects involves developing a comprehensive water test for Multimatic, a manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for the automotive industry. They asked Wilcomatic to devise and implement a complete seal test for the vehicles and components under construction at their facility.

A test of integrity

Wilcomatic are well known for their range of high-performance vehicle washing systems, but are also set up to deliver precise leakage tests. For a business like Multimatic that prides itself on reaching only the highest engineering standards, testing like this can be vital.

Water tests are important not just because they act as final checks before a car goes on the market but to identify issues, saving time and resources throughout the manufacturing process. When Multimatic contacted Wilcomatic, they were especially keen to ensure any solution focused on pinpointing defects at all stages of building and manufacturing.

The system Multimatic wanted was one that identified leaks, weak points in components and, crucially, areas where water could become ingressed – which can add up to big problems over time. Previously reliant on rudimentary testing using hoses and showers, Multimatic realised they needed to increase the quality of their water tests and turned to Wilcomatic for help.

Bespoke system from Wilcomatic

Wilcomatic water tests follow the industry standards. However, it was clear from the start of this project that a specialist solution for Multimatic would be required. After all, precision engineering requires precision testing. Armed with experience from past projects, this is the process Wilcomatic proposed:

  • 1500L to be allocated per test
  • Water to be sprayed comprehensively across the vehicle or component
  • Systematic inspection with damp-testing probes and UV tests to identify even small defects.

The bespoke system settled on prioritises rigorous quality control throughout the business, from manufacturing to assembly to sale.

How is implementation going?

Wilcomatic approached the challenge using the same core processes that guide all their projects. Initial discussions with Multimatic concerned listening to their specific requirements, how they wanted any new solution to integrate into the business and the concerns they had for implementing a system of this complexity. From this point, Wilcomatic and Multimatic engineers have been in constant contact with each other.

It’s worth remembering that this is a live and ongoing project, but strong progress has already been made. Communication has been key, with Wilcomatic using their expertise to advise on the technical specifications of the Monsoon test system. But installation is a two-way street, with Multimatic’s picture of their ideal solution very much at the forefront of the practical implementation.

Wilcomatic’s past water-test projects have proved to be hugely beneficial for the clients they have delivered to and the quality of their services. With the Multimatic project nearing completion, it too is set to be a transformative success.

This project in particular highlights why leaving clients with systems of exceptional quality is so important to Wilcomatic. There is nothing as powerful to a company as an endorsement from others in their industry. The more successful projects Wilcomatic deliver, the more businesses will feel compelled to make the jump to a higher standard of equipment.

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