Capturing a growing demand for truck washing

Established little more than 15 years ago, Purfleet Truck Wash has since become the biggest provider of parking and cleaning facilities for lorries in the south of England. Wilcomatic implemented two new wash systems at their new secondary site at Tilbury Docks, and are currently working to install further truck wash machines at a new project (to be disclosed). Read on to find out how Wilcomatic are powering Purfleet Truck Wash’s continued growth.

Growing to match a huge demand for truck washing

Purfleet Truck Wash, whose main site is unsurprisingly based in Purfleet, Essex, has experienced rapid growth, catering to some of the UK’s biggest haulage companies.

The company are well positioned to take advantage of a steady stream of lorry traffic arriving in the UK from continental Europe, and leaving in the other direction. Their strong location and high levels of service mean they are now an extremely popular choice for companies to use for designated stop-offs.

An average of 200 trucks per day make use of the parking space at the Purfleet centre, with washing and changing facilities also available for the drivers on-site. But it is the wash systems themselves that provide the real value for Purfleet Truck’s customers. As the company has continued to grow, so has their demand for wash systems.

The opening of a new site – 11 miles from Purfleet at Tilbury Docks – aimed to capture more of this burgeoning demand. Wilcomatic was on hand to deliver two state-of-the-art Otto Christ systems as well as the expertise needed to navigate a complex installation on a new site.

Seeking reliable and efficient wash systems

Purfleet Truck were very sure of the type of wash systems their new site needed to continue to grow the company. Above all, they valued reliability and efficiency – any new solution needed to fit seamlessly into the new facility and be able to process the expected high volume of traffic. They found that Christ’s systems fitted their specifications perfectly, and as the UK’s exclusive provider of Christ wash machines – Wilcomatic were perfectly placed to help.

Purfleet Truck opted for two brush rollover systems, complete with water recycling. These were ideal for delivering the gold standard of wash major haulage firms expect while facilitating a smooth site flow and of course guaranteeing all-important reliability. But Wilcomatic weren’t just supplying the equipment – we were involved at every stage of the new site project. The site was seen as a major asset for the docks, and so it was crucial it complied with the existing infrastructure. Wilcomatic were instrumental in:

  • Site design & amendments
  • Liaising with Tilbury docks throughout the project
  • Installation of the wash systems
  • Technical support
purfleet truck

Looking to the future

Wilcomatic’s work in getting Purfleet Truck’s dockside centre up and running has massively benefited their ability to capitalise on a larger share of the haulage market. And as they continue to expand further, Wilcomatic will be at the heart of building the company’s infrastructure. Work is already underway as we continue to collaborate on an exciting new project to increase the company’s capacity and efficiency.

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