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Sandown races to lower cost washing

Sandown Motors are a franchise dealership based in Dorset, with sites across the south of England. The outlet was using a valeting company to clean its vehicles, but the cost was escalating and could not keep up with the volume required. One site previously had a machine, and another had a Christ rollover machine, so the company understood the benefits of automating their washing. Sandown challenged Wilcomatic to save money and time without losing quality.

Achieving 12,000 washes per year

Wilcomatic worked with Sandown Motors to set some goals for the project; namely achieving 12,000 washes per year faster and at a cost basis cheaper than the valeting/hand washing service.

With some infrastructure for a machine already on site, Wilcomatic proposed their ‘cost-per-wash’ option which would make the most economical sense for the volume that Sandown Motors required.

Wilcomatic would retain ownership of the machine and offer fixed pricing for Sandown. This worked out considerably cheaper than the valeting service and meant that Sandown could also rent their machine out to other departments through a card system, allowing them to recover some of their expenditure.

Wilcomatic installed a new machine at the Sandown site. The new wash service includes wheels, body and drying of the car and takes around five minutes, compared to the fifteen minutes it was taking previously.

Wilcomatic’s full wash service

Wilcomatic provides a full service, maintaining the equipment and supplying chemicals and consumables. This means Sandown Motors can focus their time elsewhere and don’t have to worry about servicing the machine.

Sandown are fully satisfied with their machine, the wash quality and efficiency it provides, and have an ongoing relationship with Wilcomatic. The predictions made at the start of the project for the cost savings and volume of the wash service were extremely accurate.


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Wilcomatic has recently signed new deals with other clients for similar services, and are in talks with several more. If you think this service would work for you, or you’d like to discuss the other options we can provide, please get in touch.

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