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Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket retailer with over 3,000 locations. Home to hundreds of petrol forecourts and car wash sites, Tesco works with Wilcomatic to provide car washes to their customers. With the partnership starting in 2013, Wilcomatic looks after wash systems on 164 Tesco sites around the country.

Improving Tesco’s offering to their customers

Tesco believes in providing a high quality, great value service to their customers and this continues onto their petrol forecourts. Wilcomatic share this ethos, and when the partnership began, Wilcomatic looked at ways to improve the services being provided by their previous car wash partner.

Wilcomatic replaced the older machines with new Christ wash systems which are more reliable, cost effective and innovative. Wilcomatic installed these machines on a revenue share basis, meaning they maintained ownership of the machines, provided maintenance and restocking of consumables, while Tesco received a share of the machine’s revenue.

Remote monitoring and improvements

Wilcomatic uses Web300 reporting software to remotely monitor each site for usage, maintenance issues and results. With six years of data so far, the software allows Wilcomatic to provide powerful reports to Tesco which can be used to improve the offering to customers. Sites which complete a high volume of washes are maintained and replaced more frequently to ensure high quality washes for as many customers as possible.

Constant innovation

Wilcomatic is constantly innovating their machine installations and the wash service. Since the partnership with Tesco began, Wilcomatic have installed contactless payment systems to provide more options to customers, as well as cameras and ANPR recognition.

Wilcomatic have an ongoing relationship with Tesco and are always looking for ways to improve and expand their offering. If you are looking for more information about car wash systems and want to discuss options, please get in touch.

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