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Turning a failing concept into a 98% success rate

Touchless vehicle washing is an industry concept that has been traditionally unsuccessful. While there have been some concepts which have achieved somewhat favourable results, there has never been a process which has worked consistently and flawlessly. Wilcomatic sought to challenge this history and create a new touchless washing concept which would work perfectly each time.

What is touchless washing?

Touchless washing centers around the idea of washing a vehicle purely with chemicals and high pressure water, without any brushes coming into contact. While brush wash systems are perfectly safe, touchless washing has been developed to meet customer concerns about brushes damaging their vehicles.

The process works by using a strong, aggressive chemical and leaving it to soak on the vehicle, before rinsing off any dirt and blemishes. This has worked well in the past, but due to the types of paint used on a vehicle being updated and environmental concerns over the chemicals, the process needed to be updated.

Revolutionising the concept

Wilcomatic worked closely with Christ Wash Systems to develop a new chemical which was just as strong but less harmful. Combined with new equipment, this touchless washing system revolutionised the concept and become the first system to achieve great results on each wash with an incredible success rate of 98%.

Wilcomatic’s touchless wash machines are capable of providing multiple wash settings; touchless, brush, or a combination of the two. This provides customers with the choice of traditional brush washing or the new touchless wash process, while only taking up the footprint of one machine.

98 %

of washes successful

Wilcomatic has now installed four touchless combination machines for clients around the country. These have all achieved excellent results, with a great turnover of vehicles and a return on investment within just eighteen months. Our clients are so happy with their machines that they let us use their sites for demonstrations!

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