Conveyor wash systems

Maximum convenience for high-throughput wash environments

Wilcomatic are the UK’s exclusive provider of Otto Christ wash systems – the industry gold standard. Our conveyor systems – also known as wash tunnels – are the perfect wash solution for operators looking to maintain a continuous flow of vehicles while making no compromise on wash quality, consistency and speed.

We supply our conveyor wash systems to businesses requiring a high wash throughput, including auction dealers and car rental sites with sufficient land (e.g. at airports). A conveyor delivers the exact same wash standard and attention to detail as one of our rollover systems – including foam splash, wheel wash and any combination of brushes. The only difference is that it is laid out over a longer distance, while the vehicle is transported through the process by motor-powered conveyor rather than under its own steam.

Conveyor wash systems offer a host of advantages for those looking to achieve the best possible wash quality in a high-throughput environment:

  • Process up to 100 vehicles per hour. With the right setup, our systems can consistently process this number of cars or vans, hour after hour. 40-50 vehicles per hour throughput is the most common requirement for businesses like car rentals.
  • Avoid traffic build-ups on site. Our conveyor systems are extremely convenient for sites lacking queuing space – such as automotive manufacturers – given they allow them to process multiple vehicles at once.
  • Vary speed to your specific needs. At the touch of a button, operators can adjust the conveyor speed. A slower conveyor delivers the highest possible wash quality while the fastest configuration prioritises vehicle throughput.
  • Available in a range of dimensions. A conveyor wash system from Wilcomatic can be anywhere between 12 and 50m long depending on your requirements and space. Varying the system’s length allows us to incorporate even more cutting-edge wash technology and features.
conveyor wash solutions

A tailor-made conveyor wash solution

Every conveyor system we deliver to our customers is custom-built to their unique requirements and delivered to Wilcomatic’s exacting standards. Our experts leave no stone unturned, and will recommend a wash portal based on what suits your business best. Here are just some of the customisable options of a Wilcomatic conveyor wash system:

  • Vehicle-carrying mechanism. Choose from a steel double strand chain or a plastic plate conveyor to guide vehicles through the wash tunnel. Both guarantee fantastic strength and durability, while we are also able to cater to four-wheel drive and electric vehicles, as well as offering additional rim protection.
  • Positioning aids and drive-in systems. Guiding plates help steer wheels smoothly into their lanes every time, while our retrievable insertion system stops the vehicle securely on the drive-in belt to provide greater safety.
  • Water recycling. Take advantage of our industry-leading water recycling technology – something especially important for conveyor wash systems which tend to use more water. Wilcomatic’s ‘working water’ division will help you reuse up to 95% of the water in your wash system, helping you make significant cost savings.
  • Aesthetic accessories. Public-facing car wash businesses may want to invest in extra features to make their conveyor system more visually appealing. With a range of coloured foams and lights available, we can create a tailor-made experience to wow your customers.

The full turnkey package from Wilcomatic

Wilcomatic have over 50 years of experience in delivering outstanding wash solutions, but when you choose us, you won’t just benefit from our market-leading systems. We offer a full turnkey package, meaning we’ll handle every part of the installation from the planning stage onwards. For large projects like conveyor systems, this all-in-one service is invaluable. 

We take care of everything:

  • Civil works. All preparatory work to your site including creating the wash pit and installing the necessary water and electricity infrastructure.
  • Design and installation. Our engineers work closely with you to create the right solution for your fleet’s needs, from Christ’s array of powerful wash technology.
  • Building works. We also manage any external building needed to complete the project, including an enclosure for your new wash system.
  • Aftercare. After all work is complete, you’ll still have the benefit of our team’s technical expertise whenever you need it, while we can supply you with regular top-ups of our wash chemicals and other consumables.

To find out how Wilcomatic can deliver the perfect conveyor wash solution for your fleet, contact us today.

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