Fleet wash systems

When it comes to washing large fleets of vehicles, you won’t find a better solution anywhere else. Wilcomatic are the UK’s exclusive supplier of Otto Christ wash systems – renowned for their quality and versatility. At Wilcomatic, we understand every fleet’s washing needs are unique, which is why we’ll work with you throughout the entire design and installation process to create the perfect solution.

Washing your entire fleet to the best possible standard, with a quick turnaround time and at the lowest cost isn’t just about the wash technology itself – it’s about how smoothly it fits into the flow of your site and your vehicles’ downtime. So whether the size of your fleet has recently outgrown your existing wash arrangements, or you’ve invested in new vehicles which don’t fit your current setup, Wilcomatic can help you make washing a breeze.

Truck fleet wash

Businesses needing to process a high throughput of trucks will usually opt for multiple rollover (gantry) systems.

Choose from the market-leading Christ Magnum and Christ Taurus systems, filled with technology that saves businesses time and money. The benefits of Wilcomatic’s gantry offerings include:

  • Available in a range of heights (100mm increments up to 4.5m high)
  • Configurable with brush wash, touchless wash or combination wash
  • Electronically controlled brush pressure for the best cleaning results
  • Semi-stationary options available for smaller wash bays

However, for fleets of vans and smaller trucks, conveyor systems are also a viable option. Our conveyor wash systems can expertly wash a continuous flow of vehicles by allowing several vehicles to be processed simultaneously. This solution is extremely flexible; Wilcomatic can custom-build a conveyor system to the precise needs of your fleet – delivering throughput of up to 100 vehicles per hour if required. Customisable elements of our conveyor solutions include:

  • Variable speed configurations
  • Choice of steel or plastic vehicle-carrying mechanism
  • Water recycling technology
  • Positioning aids and drive-in systems

If it’s time to upgrade your truck fleet’s wash system, Wilcomatic are here to help. Read the free case study to learn how we helped Ocado achieve the perfect solution for their 200-strong fleet of vans.

Bus fleet wash

For bus operators looking to wash their fleets in a more timely and efficient manner, a drive-through system is likely to be the best option to achieve the highest throughput.

With buses needing to be washed at the end of every day’s service, processing whole fleets quickly enough presents a real challenge – especially considering the high standard of cleanliness public transportation vehicles are held to. Our drive-through systems provide a quick wash (as fast as two minutes if required) and are reliable and robust enough to process hundreds of vehicles every day.

With many depots also located in city centres, site space is at a premium. A drive-through system cuts down on queuing and helps streamline the fuel, wash, park cycle that is so vital to a smooth-running site. Every depot is different, so Wilcomatic’s engineers put in extensive research to find the best solution for your existing infrastructure.

Find out more about how we can improve the wash process of your bus fleet by reading how we helped Go South Coast to do exactly that.

Car fleet wash

Wilcomatic also supplies a range of solutions for businesses operating fleets of cars. Our offering for cars is just as flexible as it is for trucks and buses, with three options available depending on the size and type of your fleet:

  • Rollover (gantry) system. Perfect for small to medium-sized fleets, a rollover solution will provide a consistent, high quality finish in a matter of a few minutes. Depending on the requirements of your fleet, we can customise your solution with extras like high pressure wheel washers.
  • Conveyor systems. The largest fleets and those that need to be washed the most frequently may be best suited to a conveyor wash system. Car dealerships and manufacturers rely on conveyors to service their fleets as they can run continuously for long stretches of time facilitating a high throughput that doesn’t compromise on wash quality.
  • Jet wash. If your fleet isn’t quite big enough to justify the outlay on an automated system, Wilcomatic’s range of jet wash equipment will ensure your vehicles can still achieve a high quality manual wash.

The versatility of all Wilcomatic’s wash systems will also serve you well if your fleet is made up of a mix of vehicle types. Our truck wash systems can be programmed to process cars too, simply at the touch of a button, meaning you won’t have to make alternative arrangements.

Wilcomatic helped Mercedes dealership Sandown Motors slash the cost and time taken to wash their enormous fleet – learn how we did it by reading the free case study.

fleet wash systems

Packages from Wilcomatic

At Wilcomatic, we’re passionate about finding the perfect solution for your fleet’s needs, and the flexibility of our Otto Christ wash systems is matched by the flexibility of our packages. We offer a variety of structured finance packages as well as our extremely popular ‘cost per wash’ leasing option.

This long-term arrangement involves exactly the same level of service in the machine’s implementation – but it means Wilcomatic retains ownership of the system while you pay a fixed price for the duration of your usage. This allows you to benefit from our cutting-edge wash technology while making considerable cost savings.

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