Gantry wash systems

Our rollover (gantry) wash systems guarantee high-quality, consistent washes for our customers in the commercial vehicle industry.

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As the exclusive supplier of Otto Christ wash systems in the UK, our rollover solutions are industry-leading in their level of innovation. Not only customisable to the varying requirements of different vehicles, they are packed full of technology designed to save your business money, water and time.

Flexible to your fleet’s needs

Wilcomatic’s automatic rollover systems are carefully shaped to the unique needs and applications of the vehicles that use them. Our design and installation team put in extensive work with all our customers to work out the best bespoke solution for them, so they can configure it to their exact requirements.

Our gantry systems are available in a range of heights. Some come in 100mm increments, enabling you to get the largest machine for the space available. What’s more, our machines wash all vehicles up to the maximum wash height – meaning a 4.5m system will wash a 2m vehicle with as much quality and detail as a 4.5m vehicle. They can also be configured with a range of different brush options – and can wash vehicles with brushes, in a touchless setup or a combination of the two.

The brushes roll over and around your vehicles, following their contours. This provides a high-quality, comprehensive clean, while also protecting all auxiliary components (e.g. mirrors) from damage. Brush pressure is electronically controlled, enabling the friction applied to be continuously monitored and adjusted to give the best results over each part of the vehicle. This gives a significantly better quality of wash than machines relying on a constant air pressure which can’t be continuously monitored and adjusted.

Extra benefits of investing in a gantry wash system from Wilcomatic include, but are not limited to:

  • Reliability. Otto Christ systems are renowned for their quality, safety and long service life.
  • Added extras. Our gantries can easily be upgraded with a range of features from high pressure systems, to dryers, to water-saving technology to suit the needs of your business.
  • Flexible payment. We offer a range of options including finance, tailored packages and ‘cost per wash’ leasing.

We work around your site

At Wilcomatic, we’re able to deliver all the advantages of our innovative gantry wash systems no matter the size of your site or existing wash bay.

Where space is at more of a premium, our semi-stationary configurations are on hand to provide our highest-quality wash in three parts. Part one sees the machine wash the front of the vehicle. Part two washes the sides and roof while the vehicle is driven through the gantry. Part three washes the rear of the vehicle once it has stopped.

Semi-stationary systems allow almost any vehicle size to be washed on a wash pad as short as 8m. Whatever the size of your site’s wash bay, you can still reap the benefits of our cutting-edge wash technology.

Christ Magnum & Taurus

The two gantry systems we supply for commercial vehicle usage are the Magnum and the Taurus – from market-leaders Otto Christ AG. Both ensure a high-standard and time-saving wash but each has its own unique benefits.

The Christ Magnum utilises top-mounted brushes which go down to a ground clearance of just 175mm. This allows even the lowest-floor vehicles to be fully washed using the lateral brushes – making it perfect for coaches and buses in particular. The Magnum gantry is an extremely flexible wash unit. If your truck fleet also includes vans and cars, the Magnum includes different wash programmes to cater to each vehicle type.

Meanwhile, the side brushes of the Christ Taurus are supported at both the top and bottom, making them more suited to straight-sided vehicles. Brushes are secured in place tight to the side of the trailer, ensuring no tilting and a consistent wash.

Which one is right for your needs? Contact our team today to find out.

Unbeatable support from Wilcomatic

Wilcomatic have been delivering commercial wash systems to the most exacting standards for decades. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers are experts in all things vehicle wash related. They work tirelessly to configure bespoke solutions that fit the needs of our customers perfectly, and are on hand to help with leading technical support as they get to grips with their new system.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We can also supply you with all the vital wash consumables you need, scheduling regular deliveries so you never run out. Our core range of wash chemicals are manufactured on-site, giving us greater flexibility to deliver at short notice. We even provide a pump off service and can supply direct to site, topping up your chemical tanks as and when it is needed.

Capturing a growing demand for truck washing

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