Self-Service Jet Wash Equipment

Our self-service jet wash equipment has all the innovative features your customers require, and will grow the profitability of your forecourt washing operation.

Wilcomatic can supply your business with high-quality self-service jet wash equipment. As the exclusive supplier of market-leading Christ wash systems in the UK, we have decades of experience installing jet wash equipment that is:

  • Packed with features that deliver outstanding washes for the customer
  • Easy and low-cost to maintain
  • Capable of quickly producing a significant return on investment

The best jet wash features available

Self-service jet washes are becoming increasingly popular with customers thanks to their range of innovative features, their ease of use and the control they give people over washing their vehicles. Wilcomatic’s jet wash systems have some of the most innovative features on the market and are completely geared towards the customer experience.

We can configure your new system to fit your exact requirements, customisable with a variety of different foams, brushes and rim cleaners, high-pressure lances and frost protection. Another crucial feature which improves the customer experience is contactless payment capability – which makes it easier than ever to complete a wash.

Self-service jet washing can be an attractive option for people who are usually put off by using a traditional gantry wash system. For instance, drivers who would prefer to wash their vehicles themselves, or those who own high-sided vans which do not fit through standard drive-through systems. Winning the business of this kind of customer can prove extremely lucrative for forecourt operators looking to expand their revenue streams.

Self-service jet washes provide rapid ROI

Self-service jet washers are a high-quality addition to any petrol forecourt, and can yield lucrative profit margins. Purchase and installation costs are considerably lower than for drive-through systems, and they can be implemented far quicker. As more simple systems, they also require less maintenance – saving your business time and money.

Because of this, jet wash systems are able to drive revenue quickly and consistently. Your business can charge based on the time taken to complete a full wash – and the more innovative features are on offer, the longer and more lucrative this is likely to be.

Self-service jet wash equipment from Wilcomatic

Wilcomatic have delivered commercial wash systems to the highest standards of quality for over 50 years. We will help you choose the ideal self-service jet wash equipment for your forecourt, and work with you to integrate it within your existing infrastructure. Our Otto Christ jet wash systems are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components – and after installation our dedicated technicians will be on hand to assist with any maintenance needs.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We also supply our customers with all the wash chemicals they require for their new jet wash equipment, with regular deliveries as and when they are needed. All our core range of wash chemicals are manufactured on-site, meaning we are flexible enough to deliver at short notice. We also supply direct to site, topping up your chemical tanks as and when it is needed.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can take your forecourt to the next level with self-service jet wash equipment.

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