Water Recycling System

Up to 95% of the water used in wash systems can be reused. Our ‘working water’ division designs and installs specialist systems that save water (and money).

Rainwater harvesting, reclamation & recycling

Water recycling machines installed as part of a new or existing wash system can have numerous benefits. They can solve drainage issues and address environmental concerns. They will always reduce costs. They’re versatile too and can be used in all types of wash environment:

Designed and developed in the UK

Our machines are designed by us and are the most efficient on the market. We use the highest quality components to ensure a long and reliable life. Efficiency is our focus. Not only are our systems saving you water but efficient motors on our pumps ensure low energy running costs.

We have a range of different products available or we can design something totally bespoke. Our team has decades of experience in the water reclaim industry and can tailor a water system to best meet your specific requirements.

Water recycling systems

Partial Water Reclaim System

Partial water recycling systems provide recycled water for the washing processes together with fresh mains water to ensure a top quality final rinse. These systems are cost effective, simple to maintain and can reduce water usage by up to 85%.

Total Water Reclaim System

Total water recycling systems provide various grades of recycled water for the different washing processes. These systems can even be used as closed loop systems where no foul drainage is available and can recycle up to 95% of the water used.

Chem-Save Reclaim Systems

Why throw expensive wash detergent down the drain when you can recycle it! Draw back your wash effluent, clean it and only top-up the chemical to strength before reusing it with a chem-save reclaim.

Biological Water Reclaim System

Biological water recycling systems deal with jet wash, car wash or commercial wash effluents with heavy oil and organic matter contamination.

Car Wash Bay Silt Trap

Designed for use before a separator in car wash, truck wash and jet wash bays to ensure effective silt removal.

Rain Water Harvesting System

Make a rainy day a good day with our commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Designed to maximise rainwater capture and reduce mains water usage. Save money by tapping into the free supply of water while being kinder to the environment.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Final Rinse System

Reverse osmosis water is water with all the mineral salts removed. This water provides the very best possible rinse quality and removes the spotting and streaking associated with mains water rinsing.

High Pressure Station Filtration System

This system takes the standard recycled water and pressure feeds it on demand to the vehicle wash high pressure station or pressure washer via a 25 micron filter; thereby significantly reducing the mains water usage while protecting the long life of the high pressure station’s piston pumps.

Water Reclaim Settlement Tank

We supply a range of reclaim sump tanks for you water reclaim or water treatment system. There are both above ground and below ground options. The reclaim sump tank acts as the first treatment process for the recycling system. It allows solids to settle out while also holding back any free oils.


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