Wheel Wash Systems

Wilcomatic Wheel Wash supply systems designed specifically to clean the wheels and underbody of road vehicles. Our products are installed in all sorts of places from UK military bases to Australian quarries.

What is wheel wash?

Our wheel wash systems are widely used across the UK at construction sites, quarries, landfill sites and any other areas where debris would otherwise be carried onto the highway. The Highways Act of 1980 (section 137, 148, 149 and 161) refers to the obstruction of the highway and it is a legal requirement of vehicle owners and operators to ensure they don’t create hazards that may endanger other road users.

Wheel wash systems are installed at a site exit to ensure that the wheels of all vehicles leaving the premises will be cleaned and free of dirt and debris before entering the highway.



  • Rumble road
  • Drive through bath
  • Tornado spray wash
  • Cyclone spray wash


A range of powerful systems for different needs

We design, install and maintain a number of different systems, from fully automated recycling spray machines to waterless and powerless options. Our products can be used on vehicles ranging from cars and buses to tipper trucks and armoured vehicles.

  • Surface mounted wheel wash systems
  • Under-body wash systems
  • Truck wash systems
  • High pressure cleaning systems
  • Jet washing
  • Tyre washing
  • Complete bespoke washing systems

Sale or hire

We offer a range of different purchasing options. For shorter term project it often makes sense for our customers to hire equipment rather than buy outright.


Our Wheel Wash department is fully supported by Wilcomatic’s national team of highly trained engineers.

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